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Through short operational interventions Three-PM achieves structural and sustained improvements in the core of any product company.

Our competence, your results

Our competence, your results

Our team has a wealth of experience in the ICT industry, proven at operational and senior levels and in different disciplines within product companies.

  • Proven approach: we all have more than 10 years of relevant experience and are capable of fulfilling key roles in your product business, within the scope of product marketing, product management, sales management, supplier management, R&D management and program & project management.
  • Sustained results: a Three-PM professional delivers improvement through operational excellence. He prides himself on adding tangible value.
  • Immediate productivity: through a quick injection of skills, Three-PM can provide tailor made solutions to our customers’ needs within weeks.
  • Always the right person: in addition to our core Three-PM team of highly motivated, experienced and multilingual professionals, we have access to a large (international) network that allows us to build larger teams or to access specific subject matter expertise.


Based on our wealth of managerial experience in the ICT industry, we created a set of best practice business processes that describes a framework for the activities that form the backbone of any product business.


I love working with them, they helped us get very professional results in a short period of time.


- Lukas Roffel, Thales